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Buckle up, gentle reader, Sam Ligon is about to take you on an outrageous road trip across American history and hysteria.”

— Jess Walter, author of the New York Times bestseller Beautiful Ruins



If this were a history, the dates would matter. If the dates were wrong, the names would matter. If the names and dates were wrong, which they would be, the places would matter, because places always matter. Even when they’re wrong.


Miller headed west toward Washaway Beach, the wrong way if he was trying to get to Port Townsend, but he hadn’t been out there since he was a kid and wanted to see how much more of it had washed away. He told Carleen about it as they drove, how it had been a beach town in the 19th century, North Cove, with a cannery and a lighthouse and hotels, and how it had all fallen, piece by piece, into the ocean over the years.


Miller Cane was six days into the Rosedale massacre when Heffner slid into the Legion Hall during an afternoon animal session. Miller didn’t recognize him at first, was focused on calming a howling beagle he’d just settled into a survivor’s lap. But the rage vibe was unmistakable, a disruption in the air


Miller Cane is being published for the first time in the pages of the Inlander, the award-winning weekly paper covering the Inland Northwest. The first two parts appeared in the Sept. 13, 2018, issue; going forward, short installments will appear every week until the book is finished, sometime in late 2019.